Your love for me is strong
But it seems to go through changes like the weather.
Some days are nice and warm,
But I guess we know that some days could be better.
You hold me close and cling to me
And tell me that you'll always be that way.
Then when you see fit to leave me cold,
You walk out and what else can I say?

Cause you're a fair weather woman
I don't understand what makes you rain.
You always have a reasons
They always go against my grain, ain't that a shame
Fair weather woman.

You know a man can take most anything
But his woman has to be there when he's down.
Sometimes you stayed, but when you did
We'd always end up goin round and round.
And if I turn my back on you
It don't take you long to say what's on your mind.
But sometime you're gonna turn your back,
And someday you're gonna find me hard to find.

Repeat Bridge
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Fairweather Woman Lyrics

Ron Shaw – Fairweather Woman Lyrics