We can go till we find better places
We can stop this walkin up and down the floor.
We can go till we see different faces.
We can go where we've never been before.

We can sit and gripe till Hell freezes over,
And buy this house in spite of all the pain.
And pay all the insurance, fees, and taxes,
Until this way of life drives us insane.

Livin this life of fantasy,
Can't be good for you and me.
We gotta get ourselves together,
Find a change of the weather,
And quit livin this life of fantasy.

I know some might call this the good life,
Here among the freeways and the bars;
In the middle of a million stucco houses,
Where folks can't seem to find out who they are.

But I know we won't leave, it's only dreamin.
I'll keep dreamin till you come along with me.
And I know someday our dreams will get together,
And we won't have to live this life of fantasy.

Repeat Bridge
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Life Of Fantasy Lyrics

Ron Shaw – Life Of Fantasy Lyrics