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Waltz For The New Age Lyrics

Romanovsky & Phillips – Waltz For The New Age Lyrics

(I don't deserve credit for writing this song; it was channeled
To me by an entity who claims to have been Chopin's hairdresser.
I'm doing my affirmations
I'm chanting my mantra each day and night
I'm doing some visualization
Seeing my aura just glowing with light
And I'm breathing real deep, sitting perfectly still
Clearing my mind as I focus my will
While listening to music from Windham Hill
'Cause I want to be enlightened
Each morning I do meditation
I become one with the whole universe
I experience self-actualization
I'm seeing a Rolfer and getting rebirthed
And I've given up sugar, red meat and caffeine
Wear crystals to keep all my energies clean
And of course I subscribe to New Age Magazine
'Cause I want to be enlightened
Each Monday I go to a channeler
To get some advice from the other side
On Tuesdays I get a holistic massage
And on Wednesdays I meet with my spiritual guide
I'm studying reincarnation
Finding out who I have been in the past
I'm practicing manifestation
In hopes that I might make some money at last
And I throw the I Ching at least once a day
Burn incense to keep evil spirits away
And I'm planning a trip down to old Santa Fe
'Cause I want to be enlightened
Each Thursday I go to a workshop
On opening up the unconscious mind
On Fridays I see my astrologer
And on weekends I go get my chakras aligned
I'm giving myself validation
I acknowledge myself just for being who I am
By giving up all expectation
I surrender myself to the great cosmic plan
And I'm giving myself permission to win
Learning to nurture my child within
As I read for the seventh time Out On A Limb
'Cause I want to be enlightened
Don't you want to be enlightened?
Yes we all want to be enlightened
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