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I Met A Man Lyrics

Romanovsky & Phillips – I Met A Man Lyrics

(Ah, the joys of dating...)
I met a man with arms of steel
He had muscles a-plenty and s** appeal
He was hearty and hale
The essence of male
But his consciousness paled when compared...
To a potato
Why is it that when they're hot
They're often not aware?
They may be buffed, but that's not enough
If their head is full of air
I met a man who made me laugh
He was a good time and a half
He loved to be sleazy
And he wanted to please me
And it would have been easy if I...
Had been attracted to him
Why is it that when they're fun
They're not the one you adore?
You could be friends, but then again
You'd hoped for something more
Should you take what you can get
Or take the time to shop for what you're wanting?
Maybe you should check you bait
And take a look at what it is you're flaunting
I met a man who enlightened me
He knew so much it nearly frightened me
We were politically aligned
He was spiritually refined
But socially kind of a nerd...
Well, more than kind of
Why is it that when they're smart
And their heart is so pure
They have no frills like social skills
To get them out the door
No one's absolutely right for you
But too much wrong can kill the song
You've dreamed so long of writing
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