(Originally titled "Getting Past the Anger," this song was begun
10 years ago, but never sung... Until the anger faded. An
Attempt to close the generation gap.)
When I look into your eyes
I don't see any tears
I know they must be wise
To be living all these years
Your heart is full of love
But you don't know what to say
How did you show your feelings
Back in your day?
How did you love each other?
What secrets did you share?
Your eyes are soft and gentle
But your words don't seem to care
I would not criticize
The way you brought me up
But what was on your mind
The night you thought me up?
Your heart is full of kindness
I can see it every day
Why do you choose to hide it
When I say...
I know you did the best you could
You did everything a mother should
Now you tell me that you care for me
In birthday greeting rhymes
But I'd like to hear it from your lips
Just one time
'Cause I want to understand
I want to make amends
Why must a generation
Put these miles between two friends?
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When I Look Into Your Eyes Lyrics

Romanovsky & Phillips – When I Look Into Your Eyes Lyrics