the days are always lonely
without you by my side
i’ll be leaving once again
on the turning tide
as the sunset of the passing
days and nights unroll
the time that i’m away from you
begins to take it’s toll.

as the time draws on and on
throughout the many years
counting days is all i have
when you will soon be near
as the waiting homeward trip
begins to start
i hope there’s still a place for me
somewhere in your heart

in time of stormy waters
i just think of you
when the nights are long
what else can i do
i tick off the days
and think of you
when the nights are lonely
what else can i do.

now i’m coming home at last
and the land’s in view
i’ll leave behind my travelling past
and spend more time with you
i’ll find a job close to home
and build a life for two
lets hope it last forever
the love i find for you
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What Else Can I Do Lyrics

Roderick Cronin & Rob Wickenden – What Else Can I Do Lyrics