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Sweep Away The Tears Lyrics

Roderick Cronin & Rob Wickenden – Sweep Away The Tears Lyrics

She had no time for anyone
So she played the field until she won
She broke so many hearts along the way, we llll
I was just a passing flame
For another minute and another day
I should have known not to play her foolish game


She took the sunshine from the trees
And took the flowers from the bees
She took the stars out of the night
Just as long as she's alright
She packed her bags and left one day
And I am left to sweep the tears away

I'm at the place where we first met
I'm across from the bar that I can't forget
A wine or two past passed our lips that day (good lord)
With changing times and a passing day
It"s a lonely place with a silent phone
As I sit hear counting all my drinks alone

One day soon here life wont be fun
A helping hand will fail to come
She might think that life is all her own
But things will change with the setting sun
A trail of dreams along the way
Once thought real but for another day
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