Going back home to the town I love
And friends I left behind
On a sleeper crawling slowly south
And never knowing what I’ll find
I’ve searched my soul for answers
Where did I go wrong
The years have passed forever
My folks have been and gone

Never Turn Your Back on the friends you love
You might need them one day
Never turn your back on the things you love
A Second chance may never come your way
Times will change with each passing day
As people come and go
Never turn your back on the friends you love
As life is sometimes low

Now I trek my city streets
In a world that’s feeling strange
Another round of broken dreams
And a life to rearrange
I’ve been away for many years
Been counting up the cost
Regretting all the things I’ve missed
And the friends I’ve lost
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Sea Breezes Lyrics

Roderick Cronin & Rob Wickenden – Sea Breezes Lyrics