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Lorde Driveby (Hidden Freestyle 3) Lyrics

Ro Ransom – Lorde Driveby (Hidden Freestyle 3) Lyrics

[Verse 1: Ro Ransom]
I never sold o’s
But I always had Japanese clothes
I’m the best on the low
We shut it down everywhere we go

She was all in my phone told her baby girl no no no
Your new single came on at the club it was so so-so

Zay blowing piff, S-Rank click
Smell like money, come and get a whiff
Smoothie in my cup with the sushi on my dish
You ain't never ever ever heard a thing like like this
Niggas do a lot of talk but they ain't saying shit
Riverside Drive bumping Layne in the whip
That's Alice in Chains in this bitch
Fuck a rebuild this year we playing for the chip nigga

She told me about, how when my tape comes out, she sees us fucking
Well I’m out here popping this flame we been dropping so what's up then

[Hook: Ro Ransom]
Bags up out the store
This here pure
S-Rank Ghost couture

Niggas with me (four)
Who want (war)
Drove by playing (Lorde)

Pull up then we (score)
Gimme (more) gimme gimme (more)
Gimme gimme (more)

[Verse 2: Ro Ransom]
Leans what I used to like with soda
But I’m breaking the habit, Mike Shinoda
Y’all had hype but so what
Nigga can’t see me, cause the price has glowed up
Got the game hung across one shoulder
Don’t drink but she say I’m hung over
She sat it on me like a coaster
You best address me like hello sir
Cause I’ll roll up quick like a poster
And change your first name to The Ghost Of
Me I’m ready for my closeup
Stay the fuck out my lane bitch its closed up
You had critiques you should come and repeat those
Nigga waking up like where the fuck did my teeth go
I’m with your bitch posted up at the bistro
S-Rank nigga but I love me a C-Note
I smashed a dominican chick
Y’all niggas bitch like kibbles and bits
Y’all niggas sweet like cinnamon stix
My flow hard like digging a ditch
Don’t be mad, I know I’m mad late
But this shit getting split like a bad date
I can feel the envy in your handshake
I don’t got that like bad taste
Holla if you feel me
It only make me stronger if the shit didn’t kill me
Dirty flow I am filthy
I could never say y’all didn’t know the real me
So if I’m allowed to speak honestly
This all i got ain't no option b
Who the fuck out here as niggas as hot as me
Bitch I’m the future thats prophecy
Was never no sheep or no wannabe
Who the fuck out can write songs like me
Who the fuck sext game as strong as me
I ain't say sex game I said sext game
T at the end
Scooped the waitress up at Nobu, she was a ten
Now we group text fucking, me and her friend
Game changer, state’s savior
Where there's peace I break shit I create danger
Laid up like Jesus in the manger
Divide niggas teams, carry out the remainder
Whats a lit match to a glacier?
I’ll scream on niggas like Kramer
Do me a favor don’t do me no favors
I’m the 32nd flavor, the 37th chamber
The murder weapon maker, I burn the effin paper
I'm fly it ain't no signs of turbulent behavior

Dog I came up with this flow, and laughed like shit yo
Goddamn you the man for this Ro
I really might cancel this though, cause fam I just know
They can’t even handle this flow
Fuck I can’t feel my hand my wrist froze
Hoes Caribbean I should dance calypso
I bend them hoes back like the stance for limbo
Blind money you can’t even glance at this dough
I ran into your mans at Jimbos
He ain't pop off but he grilled the boy
I'm the man round my hood but I’m still the boy
Boyfriends all wanna kill the boy
Girls always Lauryn Hill the boy
They give me that thing, my dog tag bling
Fucked her in the fall I was gone by the spring
(Inaudible) summer fling, nigga
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