1. I’Ve been wronged - and life’S been cruel
I’M thinkin I’Ll just kill all of you
No wait …... I know what to do
I’Ll get even by pissin in the pool

Pissin in the pool - life 4 me has been so cruel
it'l be the perfect crime
& and I wont even have to do time.........
Pissin in the pool - cuz I've been ridiculed
There'll be A funny taste in their drool
When I'm pissin in the pool

2. My friends hate me - I’Ve never felt so bad
I'm feelin mad and I'm feelin sad ....
Oh yeah…. I know what to do
When they aint lookin - ill be pissin in the pool

3. Dyin’S too good for all them fools
I aint grabbin no gun - & shootin up the school
Oh no….....- this aint no golden rule
I’Ll get even when I’M pissin in the pool


4. My facebook friends didn’T turn out great
I've gotta do somethin - to set things straight
Oh yeah… - ill show them who’S cool….
Ill sneak on over & be - pissin in their pool

I'm feelin disconnected and overruled
Ill dump these feelins - I'm nobody’S fool
Oh yeah - I've got the perfect tool……...
I’Ll have the last laugh when I’M P. I. T. P. Chorus intro
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Pissin In The Pool Lyrics

Rick Steffen – Pissin In The Pool Lyrics