Times are tough ....- don’T know what ill do
Lost my job - & A good woman too
They towed my car - & I’M out of cigarettes
My luck’S run out - but I aint dead yet

When they see me on the street -
They all put on A frown - -…Lord have mercy
This good man - is goin down

Its rainin today - freezin tomorrow
There’S A big problem…. - with the money I borrowed
Can’T find A woman ...- can’T get no relief
I’M getting A fever ...- can’T even sleep

When I pick myself up -
They just slap me down
Aint no way round it
This good man’S goin down

When there aint no getting up
The only way is to the ground
Can't get any lower
This good man’S goin down
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Good Man Goin Down Lyrics

Rick Steffen – Good Man Goin Down Lyrics