Fishin & drinkin ..... - out in the cold
Fishin & drinkin - very slowly getting old
Fishin & thinkin - bout the one that got away
Thinkin about .....- the good old days


When I.. Get home tonight
With A big old pile of fish -
Baby gonna cook em up just rite (D/cagac)

Her & the cat are gonna treat me better tonight…...

Verse 2
Fishing & drinkin - I can’T explain the things I do
Fishin & blinkin - at this wonderful view
In the red or in the black ... - damn if I don’T of if I do.
Out here I don’T have to think - no one I have to listen 2

But….. Chorus
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Fishin & Drinkin Lyrics

Rick Steffen – Fishin & Drinkin Lyrics