I’M missin you this mornin - can't get you off my mind
In my throat this lump gets bigger -
As the memories slip on by
And I’M tryin to be happy - but your memorie’S still A part
Of me missin you this mornin
And this feelin in my heart

I skipped over breakfast - couldn’T eat A single bite
And I called into work - with another alabi
And the love I had last evening
Wasn’T yours and wasn’T mine
I'm missin you this mornin - as our love just keeps on dyin
I don’T know why - - we’Re not together
And would we stil play - the same old games
Its some relief to think you might be happy
But will my life ever be the same

If you came back today - our love couldn’T be the same
We’Ve come too far along - to ever try again
So I’M somewhere in the middle - of making A new start
And me missin you this mornin - with this aching in my heart
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Missin You This Mornin' Lyrics

Rick Steffen – Missin You This Mornin' Lyrics