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Richy Samo – THE HATED Lyrics

Samo, 100k blitz gang
Aye aye, s'go
Damn right, damn right
Damn right yea

They killed my brother but its still reggie gang
Yea i got a deal but im still selling caine
Yea i got a deal but im still totin flame
Fuck that nigga sgp, he won't see me in the paint
When im reppin 100k
Got a choppa thats my bae
Came up out the day
When they (said i selling yay?)
Hope you niggas is prayin
Cause my young niggas ain't playin
No my shootas they my brothers like the mo'fuckin wayans(waynes?)
It ain't nun to get you hit if i find out where you layin
Yea, put a nigga on a t-shirt
All this fuckin weight swear to god a nigga knee hurt
Ever since I hit that bitch I switched up my demeanor
Still pourin 8 pour a pint in a two liter
Still clutchin on my stick, case you wanna see us
No these niggas really wishin they could be us
Niggas switchin sides cause they (inna switch on jesus?)
Im chillin sippin pink stuff, really with my feet up
Fuckin on a lil puerto rican mamasita
Yea, hit that beat Derek Jeter what you want my dick? nigga fuck you wanna be us?
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