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Aquafina Lyrics

Richy Samo – Aquafina Lyrics

Gang shit

[Verse 1: Richysamo]
All on the block with a dirty stick
I don't want your girl she a dirty bitch
All of my niggas so arrogant
Can't fuck a bitch unless she a ten
Can't fuck a bitch unless she a twin
But I'd rather count up dividens
Fiji water, Diamond on my wrist
Just bought a chain and I flooded it

[Verse 2: Smokepurpp]
Fuckin' a bitch and she outta my house
Clip an extendo, with gold in my mouth
Nigga was hating i'm changing my route
Bitch wanna fuck me they know I got clout
Hunnid thousand drop it on a key
Nigga got somewhere, my life got sweet
And I got green like some fuckin peas
Baking soda when I whip the key

[Verse 3: Richysamo]
Just bought my (?) Loubitins
I fuck up a check on some stupid shit
Find me a crib and I hit and lick
Fuck up a chick i'm on stupid shit
In the kitchen Betty Crocker mix
Sleep on my wrist 'til I needa split
Shave off a brick then I cop a whip
Richysamo i'm a walking lick (Yeah)

[Verse 4: Smokepurpp]
In the kitchen whippin' Justin Bieber
Fuck on your bitch cause I heard she a eater
Sippin' on lean and it came out the freezer
You don't want problems, get clipped with a heater
And I be ballin' these niggas on bleachers
Bitch you get pulled like I came with a tweezer
Bitches come over we making a porno
And I get cheese on my neck with Digiorno

[Verse 5: Richysamo]
Big body, benzo
Two hoes on me like vamonos
Rose gold, chain froze
I get bread and cheese, call it Dominos
Fuck all you niggas
I ain't fucking with you
Chain froze, Aquafina
Disrespectful nigga, I ain't fucking with ya
Turn your sister to a eater
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