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Richy Samo – BACKSTREET Lyrics


The choppa gon' sing like Mariah
Richysamo, bitch you know I'ma fire
Four bricks stuffed in a tire
Hit up my plug, like what's the assignment
I'ma pull up, change the climate
Need a Patek, to show off the diamonds
Gimme the box, like she working at (?)
He say he the plug, but we know that you lying
Say that I'm next up, affecting my timing
Ran through a hundred bands, and I got that from robbin'
I was just in the trap, eating nothing but Ramen
If it ain't 'bout the money, you know I'm declining
Got a Glock 19, and I kept it at school
I'm a young Skrewhead, so I stay with the tool
She gon' suck on this dick, you gon' call her your boo
Eat a nigga up, saliva and drool
Get a boy bank, but I got it out the backstreet
Run up the guap like a motherfucking track meet
Say that you eating, we know that you fasting
Heard you be lacking on me, (?)
Shout for the pack, I'ma send you the tracking
Cop Off-White like some Dickies and Khakis
Coke off white, (?)
187 blitz gang, bitch you know that we have it
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