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Remedy Who Lyrics

Remedy – Remedy Who Lyrics

[Hook: Remedy]
Can't hear you now, I don't hear you, yo
I can't hear you now, tell me what's the deal though?
Can't hear you now, I don't hear you though
Can't hear you now, what's the deal though
What, don't understand? See the kid startin' snappin, man?
Tell me, what's happenin', Remedy, here's the plan
Clap, clap your hands, what you do girl, do your dance
Test me, you'll take a chance, victim of circumstance
Play wit fire, bound to burn, know you wanna go, wait your turn
Me, show you how to earn, stop, watch, listen, learn
Time's up, now place your bet, what you see is what you get
What you get is what you see, are-E-M-E-D-Y
Don't ask me that, white boy, that's my habitat
Swam from, yo, where you at? Too hits, now pass it back
In the hood, smokin' the goods, never say can't, man, cuz you could
Don't really think you should, be messin' wit my livelyhood
[Chorus 4X: Remedy]
Remedy, huh, Remedy who?
Remedy what? Remedy you
Can't tell you what to do, fuck with me I'll fuck wit you
One thing in life is true, one and one don't equal two
Two and two don't equal four, twenty-two ricochet galore
Four and four ain't always eight, forty-four will set you straight
X and Y ain't what you think, smoke a cigarette, have a drink
What you get, you paid your fee, home of brave and land of free
It don't matter what you say, every dog will have his day
Industry, I hear the talk, in the street, I hear the talk
[Chorus 4X]
Everybody's actin' like that shit can't happen
If it does go down, are you stickin' around?
If the shit hits the fan, will you run with your plan?
Will you s
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