Feat. Solomon Childs
[Kung Fu Sample]
You have offended my family..
And you have offended a Shaolin Temple!
{*sounds of swordfight*}
Laboratory tested and foolproof, inspected
You've just been infected son the dart's been injected
Straight ahead slowly but surely keep steady
My everyday medley is Calm But stay Deadly
Rap potions, free-willed controlled emotions
Earth, wind, fire, air, land, sea and ocean
The rap disease global, blow trees
With the noblest mc's, Wu-Tang Killa Bees
How High? Mass multiply, proven Wu ally
Bobby blessed me with The W and the power to fly
Now I skyscrape it, landscape it
Masquerade, hover above and watch these real cats fake it
[Solomon Childs]
Godfather spit lightenin
Wu-Tang rookie of the year from Body Brighton
Mastermind Killa Bee manhunts, Amsterdam blunts
Legendary dart raves, for live renegades
Bleed for green paper, repair miz
My Killa Bee Swarm split wigs, break ribs
Eighty-eight stick-up kids
High drama, harpoon expert
You see the God, you throw ya shine in ya sweatshirt
Death before over-darted
Me and the microphone barred, never departed
Solomon be retarted, cold hearted
Now you shook but you never, should have started
[Chorus: Remedy (Solomon Childs)]
Eh-yo, where you gonna run to? There's nowhere to hide
(On some real live manhunt, take it in stride)
We spit nothin but the real shit you bound to get hit
(Takin off the with the torch once it's passed and lit)
Eh-yo, where you gonna run to? (There's nowhere to hide)
On some real live manhunt (Take it in stride)
We spit nothin but the real shit (You bound to get hit)
Takin off the wit
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Calm But Deadly (Feat. Solomon Childs) Lyrics

Remedy – Calm But Deadly (Feat. Solomon Childs) Lyrics