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Exodus Lyrics

Remedy – Exodus Lyrics

[Intro: Remedy]
Flesh of my flesh, and blood of my blood
From the Earth's soil to the Heavens above
This, is the story of Exodus

Through the eyes of Moses, always remember what God told us
Hope he excepts us and pray that he holds us
Moses, warned you to mom's last push
Sentence be to God by the great burning bush
A seed was planted, the Earth enchanted
Fire carved stone laws, Ten Commandments
Born with hands that helped man mold pyramids
Egyptian reign and slave man, wife and kids
Pharaoh wont you let my people go? He said no
Pharaoh wont you let my people go? He said no
From a stab to a snake, from wrath of ten plagues
Blood, frogs, lice, creatures and epidemics
Boils, hell darkness, locust, death of the first born
We moved on...

[Chorus 2X: Remedy]
Ashes to ashes and dust to dust
The world travelers, in God we trust, Exodus

Oh God of Earth and altar, our knees bent, hear our cry
Our worldly rulers falter, our people drift and die
There's, nowhere to run to, and there's, nowhere to hide
No matter what you do to us, we will survive
It was meant for us to be tested, ponderin'
Thoughts manifested, men sent wanderin'
Strangers in a strange land, staff in hand, only God is Ashram's command
Now horse and carriage, dicast the sea, sing to God, in great victory
Passover and split the sea, now take my hands and follow me

[Chorus 4X]

[Outro: Remedy]
God we trust...
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