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Muslim And A Jew Lyrics

Remedy – Muslim And A Jew Lyrics

Feat. Cilvaringz, rza, Blue Raspberry (background vocals)
[Radio Announcer]
Explosions in the Israeli town of Yafo
In central Israel near the Ben-Gurion International Airport
This first blast, uh, occurred about 1 and a half hours ago
That's about half past eight in the morning Israeli time
A second blast occurred 10 minutes later in another vehicle
Parked a couple hundred meters away from the first blast
Defeat your enemies with violence, not culture refinements
Right? And show your love diamonds that's blinding
Under the eyelids of men, women and children of all color and religion
I guess building underneath the ceiling of a universal temple is essential
To break through the iron fists of war and swinging damn swords
See, Remedy and I, we swarm as one colony to make you wonder what you die for
But why you murdering our kids?
When all we've got to defend ourselves with our bricks
And stones, can't you hear us moan?
We all out on the streets 'cause you destroyed our home
Nah, you took our food, shelter, and clothing and left us naked
Only to cover ourselves with black seeds of hatred
But right now, whoever's right or wrong
I wonder if we'll ever get along as brothers from different mothers
I heard a boy crying, two kids dying
Young Israelis, they said the Palestinians were lying
Who's to blame? We set fire to your flame
They withheld the names of the Jews held in vain
Jump into a tank in the far West Bank
There's violence on the Gaza Strip, who's to thank?
Listen! Babies crying
Life lost, Holocaust style, bodies flying
Surprise and surround you, we run rings around you
Silver with the blue and white stars-who we are
We unite, people alike-a
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