You Make Me Feel Okay

If I should see you, I'll cross the street
So you won't hear my heart as it beats-
Before you leave forever,
There is something I've got to tell you-
If I never see you again,
You Make me Feel Okay.

I wonder-
If I should tell you, I'm thinking of you
Perhaps I should hide it,
But you know that it's true-
In my memory lingers a feeling
That I aint never felt before-
It wraps itself around my blues,
Kicking them out of the door-
Get out of here, blues!

I don't really know you, ooooh
And I'm probably mistaken,
But a feeling has awakenened in my soul
And I should pretend, ooooh,
That nothing has happened,
But I think I am attracted to you.

Sometimes the feeling comes,
Then it's gone-
But whatever happens, people go on-
So I wish you a life full of pleasure,
And that minium "ouch" we pain-
If I never see you again, baby,
You made me feel okay.

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You Make Me Feel Okay Lyrics

Reisa L. Gerber – You Make Me Feel Okay Lyrics