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Diamond In The Sky Lyrics

Reisa L. Gerber – Diamond In The Sky Lyrics

Diamond in the Sky

He said, "Carry my constance around like a
Wearing a straightlaced ticket through
Whatever you do, baby,
Wherever you go-
I can see you for awhile-
Up until a certain point,
Even though it, hurts, hurts, hurts,
It hurts, hurts, hurts
Yes, it hurts, hurts, hurts me
Through and through-
He said, "If you could remember the things that
You've done-
The things that you've said-
The things that you've been through
That people don't forget-
So put it in your past, baby
If it ever meant anything to you
So don't carry this burden around in your heart-
For if you do,
It will someday eat you up alive-
When you begin to remember
What you had to do to survive
I believe that underneath it all, mama,
You were buried alive,
Like a diamond, diamond, demo,
Like a diamond, diamond, diamond
Like a crazy shining diamond
In the sky.
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