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Pay Her Back Lyrics

Reisa L. Gerber – Pay Her Back Lyrics

Pay Her Back

I saw you in the coffeee shop,
You were chatting with a friend.
You were talking about the things you have,
And the money you like to spend.
Then the waitress gave the bill,
You smiled and looked away,
You coughed three times
And you cleared your throat,
When she said, "It's time to pay".

Won't you pay her?
Won't you pay her?
Won't you pay her back?

Then you opened up your purse,
You took your wallet out
You stared right at a dollar bill-
Of this there aint no doubt
You smiled and said, that you were broke
You could not pay your bill,
Your friend, she said, "I'll lay it out,
If you'll pay me back"-
You will........ Indubitably!!!


Many years have come and gone,
But I remember still,
That foxy little criminal who could not pay
Her bill!
Memories come and memories go,
But this one sticks around!
I could never look at you....
I'm staring at the ground, man...

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