No, noone will touch you

Don't make him put you inside of her
She is afraid of your touch
'Cause if it hurts you, then nobody will, then,
No, no, noone will touch you.

She likes to listen to music
She likes to dance with the crowd,
But sweet sugar rock and roll just likes to dance
No, noone will touch her

She likes to go to the movies
She thinks the movies are groovy
She never has ro roam
Watching "the flick" alone-
No, noone will touch her.

Natural functions can scare her
She knows that people can hear her!
"Hey!" Her friend said,
"Look, honey, if you make it?
Don't feel afraid of it! "
Anyway, Reisa, noone will touch you!
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No, Noone Will Touch You Lyrics

Reisa L. Gerber – No, Noone Will Touch You Lyrics