Filled Me Up With Hope

Filled me up with hope
And then the moon did a turnaround, start,
And I'm like, "Stop!"
When you see me lonely,
You sing a different key (stop!)
Those sweetass dreams,
They must be more than voices in the dark,
That I can reckon for you and me
There's a "no talking out loud spark!"
And he said, "I don't care if you said something
Mean, reis,
I'm not into vulnerability...
But if it means anything to you now
Those dreams I gave you-
Cast them out! "
I had a dream and I saw a percussionist
With honeyblonde hair... And crash!
Went the cymbals!
I bent down to tie my blackened shoes,
And I realized what he meant:
He said, "Tie that knot! Wouldn't wanna trip!"
I said, "Honey, I don't give a rip!"
And..... The family victory sign!
.... "See the moon roll around the stars"...
What does that have to do with
... "A silly goose chase?"...
And the spark that a sweet boy gave you:
"You can do anything you want to your mother...
And still keep me coming back for more, huh? "
"I was still dropping bombs down south..
When you opened up your cruel, cruel, mouth...
You walked down the hall in a huff and puff...
You make like you never seen my stuff... "
Never, never yell at your mother...
No matter what she does or what she says... "
She uses you... From far away...
Because it feels good to her...
That old hospital!....
Never, never yell at your mother...
No matter what she does. "

@Thanks... To my kindred spirit!
Reisa L. Gerber
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Filled Me Up With Hope Lyrics

Reisa L. Gerber – Filled Me Up With Hope Lyrics