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Black And White Lyrics

Reisa L. Gerber – Black And White Lyrics

Black and White

When you know something's true,
And you struggle to defend yourself,
But in the process, you lose sight,
Of the meaning of life. (that's enough!)
You have your truth-
Well, that is how you see it!
And I have my truth!
Well, we both can't be right
The turth is black and white.
Mama, I know
Mama, I know.
Mama, I know.
The truth is black and white.


Everybody deserves respect
Nobody should be neglected.
When you treat a person like he's beneath you,
One fine day, he will entreat you.

Everybody must be blessed,
With the pursuit of happiness
For although a dream may be trampled on,
Still a flower can bloom in the early dawn.

Everybody has the right
To have a dream, to set a sight.
For you cannot retard a flame,
By putting checks next to a name.@

@Ever tell someone where....?
Let's judge competency before... That.
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