You say you've got a teacher crush
And you tell me about the gentle rush
How you wanna be the numbers
In her mathematical world
I think you want too much
You could never give her enough
She's your teacher,
Not some beautiful beautiful girl

Now I think she's typical
Somewhat still likeable
Despite these equations
She is dragging us through
But her voice takes your breath away
As we're standing in the hallway
I can see you staring as she's leaving the leaving the room

Oh we both know you hate algebra
And school never mattered much to you
So the way you're going on about
This stuff makes me wonder about
This teacher crush
Your crazy little teacher crush

Consider your teacher crush
The kind of feeling that'll
Make you blush
You try so hard to find
The slope of her slope of her line
You wonder about her family life
And I wonder if you realize
These kinds of things will
Drive you out of your out of your mind

'Cause it's all hopeless anyhow
You know that the teacher's lounge
Is closed, so you better find
A way to get your heart unstuck
From something like a teacher crush

You say you're just a rare romantic
But one as rare as this
He rarely wins

So boy, if you want some of my advice,
Just keep your fractions simplified
And please for your happiness,
Don't try to build a lasting love
From nothing but a teacher crush
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Teacher Crush Lyrics

Reina Del Cid – Teacher Crush Lyrics