The city's born about 5 am
I touch the sky for how blue it's been
Throughout the night on the other side of the world

I trace the moon as it fades away
And the brightest smile floods over me
The smile of love and capability

Because you already live so quietly
In every cell alive in me
Ah, there you go

My mind goes forth about 9 am
I think of you and how calm I've been
And could break the ice above the other side
Of this girl?

I dream of clouds on a clear blue sea
And I wish that world would speak through me
Cause that's what I am and all I want to be

In both of us I see the stars
Of a universe that's purely ours

Baby, you amaze me
How you stir me with your magic
Do you feel this?
Honey the Earth sings
When you're with me
And I'm finally waking up
To the sirens of love

I bring myself about 2 pm
To my favorite place to think and sit
And tell the trees about the good I see in you

You play your game, and think you'll lose
But I watch you move like charmers do
And win my heart like a textbook champion

The sound waves have been blasting for so long
But love is making chaos into songs
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Sirens Lyrics

Reina Del Cid – Sirens Lyrics