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New Girlfriend Lyrics

Reina Del Cid – New Girlfriend Lyrics

So he tells me that you're the new girlfriend
As you're hanging all over his side
But be careful because he's my best friend
And I don't like that look in your eyes

I've been watching you change him to suit you
Don't think I don't know what you do
I know that you hate that he's close to me
And that I know him better than you
Well I know him better than you

Never ask him to choose because you'll lose
You're just some chick that he digs
We've been hurdling branches for so long
And already you're tripping on twigs

So go ahead bring him to Gina
And parties with all of your fools
As for all of the people that matter to him
We know that boy's too good for you

Now I don't want to fight but girl I know your type
I know it I know it so well
You treat him right or I'll swear on my life
That I'll have to put you through hell
I swear that I'll put you through hell

Now put away all of your ammo
I can see your hackles rise
I know you're afraid that I'll take him
It's been screaming at me through your eyes

So I'll say it again: he's my best friend
I've got someone of my own
But I won't sit back as you hurt him
So shape up or leave him alone

La da etc.
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