PodsFunk On Your Tummy

Drowning in my restless ways Thrusting, digging my own grave Thinking that the day would pass It seems it's here forever You're so pretty you're so young Much too young to settle down A mobile home was rented With a simple rabbit murder CHORUS: Must have been the funk on your tummy You sat up it started running Must have been the funk on the couch I swear I pulled it out Daddy and his cheap cologne Swore we'd never be alone But I was so much smarter I was smarter getting harder Ten seconds, his den Think I scraped my nose on heaven You mighta wore my letter jacket But I don't want a baby CHORUS How could we stop ourselves? The sweetest hole was so much fun But all in all it would've been better If I let the funk ride on your tongue Ugly adolescent phase Burning in this tragic blaze If your panties weren't satin I don't think this would've happened But I'm here I'll do okay We can work it out somehow Quit school, get a job OH OH OH OH! CHORUS Every dream and lots of money Vanished with your hymen, honey In the air now I'm scared All because I missed your tummy LOOK OUT!
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