Just a little girl
Not the sweetest in the world
Cos I think I like the good less than the bad
She hailed from New Orleans
Where her daddy made machines
And the way the waves had thrown her made her sad
Once I crossed that line
I had a different state of mind
Now it seemed that love and flowers made some sense
Well I swore I'd never sink
To that sickly sweetie thing
But that fragile burned out promise somehow came and went
I will never walk away
Lord I'm on my knees I pray
I will never walk away
I was given to a past
That made Dionysus laugh
And I never thought that I could be received
But she looked me in the eye
With that slightly evil smile
And accepted and collected every inch of me
Our kitchen is a postcard
For our arguments like Mozart
Sometimes I get so mad I just can't see
I wanna hit the road
Just turn my back and go
But I know deep in my heart that I could never leave
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Never Walk Away Lyrics

Pods – Never Walk Away Lyrics