Mean steel man halfway grinning
Gave me a box didn't know what's in it
Smooth and shiny big and tiny
Didn't want to look inside
Cos I was scared of what was gonna be there
Maybe gonna see my soul too bare
And if so I wanted to go
Cos that's something I'd rather not know
Mean steel man made me furious
But I couldn't help being curious
He knew I couldn't hold back
It was my path
He laughed
You bought the big black box
You threw your soul on the rocks
You bought the big black box
You bought the big black, big black box
Something changed I rearranged
Like this whole thing was preordained
My heart shattered and animal matter
Served to me my mind on a platter
I lost it all inside the box
Sittin there starin at the clock
Watchin life from the beginning
All it's worth all it's sinning
As it's hopeless people fell
I turned my back what the hell
Like all my ancestors through time
In self and ignorance our common crime
Now I spend my nights trying to forget
The things I saw I regret
Goin forward never tell
Let the others fend for themselves
Demons' eyes pass me by
Piercin through on either side
I'll let it slide let it die
Lift my sights up to the sky
The pain has fallen to another
Who has yet to discover
A big black box sittin on a shelf
A mean steel man inside himself
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Big Black Box Lyrics

Pods – Big Black Box Lyrics