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Ill Life 3 Lyrics

Preme – Ill Life 3 Lyrics

[Verse 1: P. Reign]
This is when magic comes out of mystery
Realistically, I'm supposed to be history
Locked and forgotten, buried and rotten
I see my friends turning into foes when they heard I was popping, yeah
They say try to be humble when you creating something
I say: "Easier said than done when you young and stunting"
I'm never bluffing, them poker faces amount to nothing
Break destiny, don't forget a child like LeToya Luckett
Young nigga popped up around the time he got locked up
I've been on the low, just busy raising my stock up
Took [?] into west detention when I'm free and venting
She charged him extra for taking so long to pay attention
Uh, wouldn't be shit if it wasn't for Pro
I truly owe you my life for engineering my flow
Uh, final lap and I'm gearing to go
Tell them: "Keep the candles lit, I'm preparing to blow"
I sign with Sony 2014
Time to finally put the music I had in my dope dreams
Brutally honest, no commas I couldn't care
If Capito was here, he would tell you that real is rare
I think it's safe to say it's time to ball now
It's getting hard to walk around the mall now
Yeah, I want it all now
And to the doubters, fuck them all now
I know they hating when they say they got me
Cause I'm in some new shit like its out to party
Probably, probably you not me
Two copy, that's right you need Costco supplies and coffee
I've been dealing with jealousy more than admiration
Not surprised if suicide is what they contemplating
Cause to hate me you must hate yourself
Realest niggas rate me, baddest bitches down to rape me
A lineup of women dying to have my baby
Spin the globe, I'ma go where the money take me
I never interest myself in something that doesn't pay me
These blogs only concerned who I've been fucking lately
Just had a daughter, baby momma buggin'
Well think about it, the rumors would bother any woman
Hard to predict the future, it's getting cloudy
Guess things change and not just anybody

[Verse 2: P. Reign]
On a brighter note, my daughter is so special
Laying on my chest shining, she's my gold medal
Wish she never change, but I know better
So bought a pistol like I dope peddle

[Verse 3: P. Reign]
Don't ring my doorbell, that girl daddy will kill
Bad boys two nigga, Martin and Will
In Canada alone probably seeing a mil
So I exclude to my country, became part of my deal
Hard enough proving my city got hoods in it
Like them trees got wood in them
They used to diss a country, now they say we next
I know crack sellers that made a fortune off DMX
Ill life, because its hard to keep it bottled in
If you want me, come get me
Just look for the phone call with yellow cabs following
That's the goons I don't allow them to drive with the semis, yeah
Me and my mother we don't speak much
It hurts
So devastated about devorcin' from my pops that she lost sight of what matters in life
It's sad to say but my mama needs church
How a counselor need counseling
Despite our past, you'll never see a check bounce again
Now somebody bring my accountant in
Type of bread you would break a sweat when you counting it
I fought the few from the [?] [?]
Let's not forget
I offered you and [?] [?]
Written in blood on my body
Tattooed on my heart
ATFO is the family, I did shit in my past
Just to prove that I'm bout it
See my son never shot one when I was loading that shottie
Got me?
Never prove yourself to niggas with nothing to lose
And don't ever trust the nigga in multiple crews
If it's anything but ill, you must have me confused
Ill life for the life, it's time that I choose
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