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Welcome To The Future Lyrics

Preme – Welcome To The Future Lyrics

[Intro: French Montana]
You a dead nigga
Montana, P. Reign, Drizzy wassup, nigga?
Chug, Auti, OVO, nigga
Coke Boy, haaann, aye aye aye aye aye aye

[Verse 1: P. Reign]
Put the money over bitches, ho, think I’m playin, I’mma let em know
We treat yo chicks like fish, nigga, catch em and then we let em go
Get em beat and naked hit, I murder shit, piss the flow
Told lil Remi King don’t kiss the ring, baby lick the throne
Yeah, now momma, show me how you kiss it
I’m in love with the pussy but I’ll murder that kitten
If ya still wifin hoes, I won’t be caught dead kissin’
She gon’ swallow every bit, got her mouth babysittin’
And my young’n same chair, just let me worry bout em
Left em niggas talkin’ beef, homie, don’t make a burger out em
This the south side, nigga; I'm a south side nigga
Turn yo fuckin’ insides to your outsides, nigga
Suck my jewels, go ahead, my dudes all bad
But your goons won’t bust, y'all the blue balls gang
I chase money, not problems
But dare a nigga run up on me and that will be his very last day job

[Hook: P. Reign]
(You a dead nigga) If you threaten me
Fuck a gun charge, we take the felony
And welcome to the future, baby (oh, baby)
Welcome to the future, baby (oh, baby)
I be whippin’ up, I got that recipe
You smell like money, baby, it's cuz she’s tellin’ me
Welcome to the future, baby (oh, baby)
Welcome to the future, baby (oh, baby)

[Verse 2: French Montana]
Montana! Coke Boys, OVO on the same song
Gettin’ head in the range, shawty brainstarter
I was the last on the corner, like 8-Ball
Bumpin’ Three 6, MJG, 8-Ball
Then paid my dues; I be strapped down, I move
Niggas fight, man, I shoot, hunnid fifty grand that coupe
I got hunnid grands in hunnids, I got fifty grand in twenties
Hit that strip club we stuntin’ then we fuck any bitch we wanted
Bought a dub line this week, made five hunnid large this week
If that money talk ho, then watch my speakers blow
Me and Drizzy talk hoes, I let them killas go
No love, Bone Thugs, see ya at the crossroads

[Hook x2]
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