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He's A Rapper (Skit) Lyrics

Preme – He's A Rapper (Skit) Lyrics

“This is dat guy comin, that’s dat guy comin. That one is heavy bro! I remember I got locked up, and I don’t know for some reason one day you know you know I go who else do that. Is that fab or some’n I go yow dat’s rage joint dawg. Yow dat tone is too heavy beat. Dat’s d first one up, you wanna drop dat one?”

“Can’t drop dat as a first single you crazy?”

“Second-or d third”

“He’s a rapper bro, he’s not no lyri-you can’t play around wit-”

“You tryna go hardcore?”


“Like hardcore rap?”

“When you play with it, can’t just drop (singing)”

“Hahaha!, ha!”

“What is you-a R&B singer?”

“You drop dat when you’re comfortable. When he’s in his lane and he’s comfortable to be like yow I can switch it up too. You know, I am good and I can change it I can sing to ma little girls”

“But d verses are hood tho, the way he spittin it is hood, who cares how rae-rae”

“I’m just saying you can’t come out wit dat now”

“It’s legit how he spittin, he spittin it hood!”

“After ASAP, after ASAP and Wakka”


“Yow fam, dat has to have barcode. You can’t put dat out as a mixtape because he has to do a new ting for him do a quick mixtape, drop d mixtape an den do dat one. Drop dis shit as a album. He has- dis shouldn’t be on no mixtape. Dat shit is too crazy”

“I’d like if we could”
“Of course it could! Anything makes a mixtape, but dis shit is like album. He should spit more shit for it instead”

“You call it street rap. Street rap, you show dem dat you can rap”

“Dawg dis shit is like yow HMV ting bro, like your HMV ting”
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