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Poor Righteous Teachers Lyrics

Poor Righteous Teachers – Poor Righteous Teachers Lyrics

Culture Freedom]
Yo G
[Wise Intelligent]
Yo what's going on G I'm maintaining
[Culture Freedom]
Check it out We been rockin' all these Hype cuts right?
Ya know what I'm sayin' Butt Naked Booty Bless Time to Say Peace.
But we ain't come up wit no theme song yet.
So do you have any rhymes in your third eye you feel like bustin' or discussing?
Right about this time
[Wise Intelligent]
[Culture Freedom]
Yo... Yo...
Let me hear some then
[Wise Intelligent]
Since Tone laid these funky new radical tracks
[Culture Freedom]
[Wise Intelligent]
I'ma have ta do somethin' about that
[Culture Freedom]
Word up

Verse 1
[Wise Intelligent]
As the mind gets hot the brain gets like a heater.
Wise Poor Righteous Teacher.
Truth I'm gonna teach ya
>From knowledge is born
My word is bond
>From dawn to dawn
[Culture Freedom echoes]
To dawn
[Wise Intelligent]
I could go on
To infinite states
The temple is great
I'm plantin' da bait
[Culture Freedom echoes]
Da bait
[Wise Intelligent]
Awaitin' the snakes
[Culture Freedom echoes]
The snakes
[Wise Intelligent]
The physical eye
Detecting the wise
Beginning to rise
So take a look at the Gods!!
Built the blacks
All that attack
Perceive the beats
But the Wise is all that
Tell me what's up
You wanna take my square
I'm like "Who, What, When, Where?"
We can do this n' get it done
Face to face
Pocket the pipe punk
Stop poppin' da base
Let the lord proceed
Take heed ta what's right
As I feed the greed
Indeed... I bust the mic.
I'm blowin n' glowin
And growin' n' going for mine.
I slow wit da flow
N' show n' prove in da ryhme
Cuzz I'm the king I quote
??????? Wise Intelligent
G-O-D I'm god is short for spellin' it
Tamper wit god indeed I mentally beat cha'
Cuzz I am the wise
[Culture Freedom]
And you're who?!
[Wise Intelligent]
Poor Righteous Teachers
[Culture Freedom]
That sounds dope god But can you kick another funky verse for me one time?
[Wise Intelligent]
And you know that
[Culture Freedom]
Then do that

Verse 2
[Wise Intelligent]
Check as the Wise get going
The thoughts are flowin'
Alone the marvelous god
Is mackin' da microphone
I'm wearin' out n' tearin' it up
The snakes are jealous
Yeah but so what
Gimme some room some physical space
The capital "G"
Wise god is in da place
Teachin' the poor
Cuzz I'm the chief speaker
Turn it around
Get down poor righteous teacher!!!
I'ma level above all the brothers that disrespect
If your name is on my list believe it's checked
The king I quote I believe has made his mark
Poor Righteous Teacher sparks
Light of the insight show the third eye
Ya tamper with god conceived a this you Die!
The mic's in my hand
I'm provin' I can
I'm running the snakes up outta Divineland
As I get wise I watch ya get weaker
Eyes on the prize
[Culture Freedom]
And you're who?!
[Wise Intelligent]
Poor Righteous Teachers
[Culture Freedom]
That sounded dope!...
[Wise Intelligent]
And you know that
[Culture Freedom]
But um,... I'm still thirstin' for another verse So could ya kick one to me right about nowwww.

Verse 3
[Wise Intelligent]
As long as the Sun exist within the solar
The king I quote????? Is gonna go for
Droppin' da jewels, stoppin' da snakes, rockin' the punks
[Culture Freedom]
That's doin' what
[Wise Intelligent]
That's poppin' the base.
Their message is soft.
They can't flow it.
They come to witness
Stumble, fast forward it.
Rewind the tape let knowledge be born
Give the understandin' proceed to go on.
Like me" the G, the O, the D "
Servin Just-the I, the C, the E
Bond is my word
Stop n' observe
The Wise is god
You've already heard
Now is the thought that I Wise constructs
Heres your chance to dance
Do what I thought up
Musical fitness
Bear witness
Yeah, come on this this
Manifestation of man
That knows he's man
Ya tamper with God you die!
My voice is a magnet catchin' your ear
Ya wanted to dance
[Culture Freedom echoes]
To dance
[Wise Intelligent]
But havin' to hear
The gift that I bestow upon the crowd
Letter for letter
Whatever, I kick loud
My brother he's Culture
He's a believer
Cuzz I'm no vulture
[Culture Freedom]
And you're who?!
[Wise Intelligent]
Poor Righteous Teachers
[Culture Freedom]
Word up!
[Wise Intelligent]
Ya like it like that C. F.?
[Culture Freedom]
Yeah, Yes I do I like it just like that.
[Wise Intelligent]
Exactly... We got Tony D laying the funky new radical tracks
We got iq from Northside Productions cuzz...
[Wise and C-Free]
He's livin' like that
[Wise Intelligent]
Ya know what I'm sayin' and one must say peace to my wife and queen
Yo we in this... Whoa Suuuckerrrrssss
[Culture Freedom]
I'd like to say peace to everybody around Divineland
[Wise Intelligent]
[Culture Freedom]
[Wise Intelligent]
Must give a shout out to??? Shabazz Allah
[Culture Freedom]
Word up... Peace to Shaheed
[Wise Intelligent]
Exactly... We end this... Seeeeee Yaaaaaaa!!!!
[Culture Freedom adlibs till exit]
It's like that ta thattatathattahaht It's like that ta thahta thatta that ta that
Poor Righteous Teachers
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