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Butt Naked Booty Bless Lyrics

Poor Righteous Teachers – Butt Naked Booty Bless Lyrics

[Culture Freedom]
For those that can't be themselves shall be destroyed
Verse 1
[Wise Intelligent]
Students listen to the lesson I be teaching.
Learn by Holy Intellect cuzz it's a blessing.
Teachers study what is spoken through the speaker.
Weaker preacher there's no need for manifestin'.
I'm the star soul controlin' all within the solar.
Poor... So I'm a righteous teacher from the heart.
Praise your god. All praises due to Allah.
Seven star the holy intellect being taught.
Grab a hold I'm not here to promise any gold.
Lessons told the story about a trader of that type.
I tell this mic that I'm not here to feed your fantasy
Cuzz that ain't right.
I guarantee ya everlasting life... Mentally.
The holy intellect is infinite.
Have more sense???????????????
I destroy ya any man that posseses??????
Then watch his brain cells boil.
Prt Poor Righteous Teachers Culture Freedom and me.
It's got to be.
The holy intellectuals of the set.
But don't forget.
We also drop Butt Naked Booty Bless,
But now we test this-holy-intellect.
[Dj Father Shaheed] scratches
Holy... Holy... It's awright!!... Pure... Pure (3x)
Verse 2
[Wise Intelligent]
When I say holy first I must be speaking upon the mental.
My temple.
Where might I stay within Divineland?
Gods steppin' up to me say
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