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Holy Intellect Lyrics

Poor Righteous Teachers – Holy Intellect Lyrics

[Culture Freedom]
For those that can't be themselves shall be destroyed

Verse 1
[Wise Intelligent]
Students listen to the lesson I be teaching.
Learn by Holy Intellect cuzz it's a blessing.
Teachers study what is spoken through the speaker.
Weaker preacher there's no need for manifestin'.
I'm the star soul controlin' all within the solar.
Poor... So I'm a righteous teacher from the heart.
Praise your god. All praises due to Allah.
Seven star the holy intellect being taught.
Grab a hold I'm not here to promise any gold.
Lessons told the story about a trader of that type.
I tell this mic that I'm not here to feed your fantasy
Cuzz that ain't right.
I guarantee ya everlasting life... Mentally.
The holy intellect is infinite.
Have more sense???????????????
I destroy ya any man that posseses??????
Then watch his brain cells boil.
Prt Poor Righteous Teachers Culture Freedom and me.
It's got to be.
The holy intellectuals of the set.
But don't forget.
We also drop Butt Naked Booty Bless,
But now we test this-holy-intellect.

[Dj Father Shaheed] scratches
Holy... Holy... It's awright!!... Pure... Pure (3x)

Verse 2
[Wise Intelligent]
When I say holy first I must be speaking upon the mental.
My temple.
Where might I stay within Divineland?
Gods steppin' up to me say "G ya have to understand
You gotta do this like a Blackman". Mmmm...
So I take this into consid'
Call upon the intellect to create what I did.
Ghetto! Stay strictly ghetto is my motto
I got em trying to place me as a role model.
Should one say role model? Or should the term be example?
Of a wise black leader speaker
Some say poor righteous teacher weaker people don't all ways agree.
Check... What I may manifest next
Poorly Righteous Teachers droppin' Holy Intellect.
Givin' you da best what I may protest
Da divineland is my projects... Hell yes.
Listen to the hypeness.
No other style is like this.
Say you could stop the righteous.?!
Well manifest punk!
Ya haven't did it yet.
Ya possee oughtta step.
Your mental's stimulated from this holy intellect.

[Dj Father Shaheed] scratches
Holy... Holy... It's awright!!... Pure... Pure (3x)

Verse 3
[Culture Freedom]
[Wise Intelligent]
Anything I tamper or dilute it wit G supremely being sacred to me.
[Culture Freedom]
It's gotta be
That wonderful posse prt
[Culture Free]
Not smokin weed
Cuzz that ain't where we want to be
Intellect the Wise's manifestation of a thought.
Prt Poor Righteous Teachers teachin from the heart.
I was lost but now I'm found and all are being taught.
Calm down in other words don't let me start.
Cuzz I'm the teacher teachin' those that lack what I be teachin'
??? Speakin' Poor Righteous Teachers never known to weaken.
I be reachin' those within the ghetto because they seekin' wiser leaders.
Not poison animal eatin' creatures those with knowledge of self
'n' those with out take me out.
Those native thoughts are soon to fade away cuzz I don't play.
I take the life of the snake???? Of the day.!
Yo and it remains this way.
Prt Poor Righteous Teachers givin' what cha get bit for bit.
Not from a six dollar ryhme kit.
Sit!!... As I proceed to give ya it.
It's legit! From this holy intellect.

[Dj Father Shaheed] scratches
Holy... Holy... It's awright!!... Pure... Pure (3x)

Verse 4
[Wise Intelligent]
I work hard gonna slip to fall victim,
Stick dem which tend not to shine.
Blind anyone that laughs at my kind.
Why? Because prt is holy as the mind.
Check What one must do to come next.
Let's show holy intellect.
Thoughts created from the crescent of the brain cell.
Fell deep into this mic that I be holding.
I told them prt is always soul controllin'.
They laugh but listen to the lessons I be born I'm the teacher
Or am I subjected to the negative no.
It's amazing how my thoughts can be wrote to perform.
[Culture Freedom]
Pardon may I ask what's going on?
[Wise Intelligent]
Word is bond the Wise is making knowledge born.
Now I say yes or should one say 'y' equals to himself Y equals self
I'm born to be the oposite????? Flow
Poor Righteous Teachers know that we be po'.
Peace!!! We gotta go
But will be back though.

[Dj Father Shaheed] scratches
Holy... Holy... It's awright!!... Pure... Pure (till end
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