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SuperPIVOT Lyrics

Pivot Gang – SuperPIVOT Lyrics

[Intro: Frsh Waters]
Yo' chick gon' dance to this tomorrow, nigga

[Verse 1: Sway $waLa]
Rap visions rippin' mics like virginities
Living in the city of death dollars and misery
Immuned to the melodies
Writing those rhyming remedies
Smooth operator, my flavor's what she desiring
Pilot if you flying, the feeling is levitation
Elevating through the years, lost niggas, but still made it
Lost numbers from hoes I dated
Lost feelings from niggas hating
Lost interest in doing favors
Just music and sexy Katies, chuuch

[Verse 2: MFnMelo]

[Verse 3: Saba]
Y'all hear them niggas knocking at the door
We creeping up here like we on the low
Flow sickening and this the antidote
Screaming free my niggas that's that og loc, uh
With the dogs, no leash, so you on your feet
And ya girls on my like a young nsync
And you boys turnt down guess y'all lip sync
So I guess you outta luck, tell little four leaf
Like how you niggas on sounds like nursery songs
Saba sabotage you no nursing home
Y'all gone need a doctor the nurse will be gone
And I just took my shot with her
Under greens like pot liquor
Sipping something that's not liquor
Got a diet sprite with the ice cooling
Getting checks for life like I pooted

[Verse 4: John Walt]
Show me love like a garden, never forgotten
Pivot on the move like we mobbin
Get it, with it or not, it ain't shit just to stick to the script
Show her my stick and she strip like bacon
Heads start noddin, naughty by nature
Beats get bodied, pardon my nature
Not even sober, not head niggas, ya nazi’s pot heads
Boy, I'm going up like shots sent
Clark kent how i go incognito
Pivot be that armour, we dont fear no evil
I could take yo mama, I dont think you need her
Give her ass that mumble, can you please repeat it
Beat it like a demon boy get outta here
And I'm Castiel amongst all, y'all fall like a pedigree
Yea yo girl yo pet agree, she always offer head to me
But later send a bill on that Bellamy, John Walt

[Verse 5: Frsh Waters]
Fuck the cold, fuck the snow
What you thought we was gone stop, never none
Can't be dumb niggas get lost
On the way to the gold tryna sell you some hoes
Getting stuck need draino, catch us on the move fuck samo
Tryna drive drive lakeshore to the lane closed
Grandmaster crane kicking out plane hoes
To this dope slang
Po'pimp like a broke chain and paper clips
Don't trip no I can't
Pivot westside where the smoke in your eye
From the cold of the hawk, better bundle up if you walking
While we building throwing kerosene on that flame
Don't drip drop on no spill shit

[Verse 6: Kevo B]
Pivot bitch we dope, hard to ignore like weed smoke
Incognito, super villain disguised as hero
Smoking sour on the sears tower
Looking around like who the fuck is willis
The question not if the track is dead
But which nigga from PIVOT killed it
Do this shit on the daily
Sending wives yes no or maybe notes
Thanks to copy and paste, hoes think I'm sensitive
And I made these quotes
In life I'm a baker making cake
Saying what you gone do, why wait?
2013: Pivot is here, money on the buffet, Our Plate

[Verse 7: Joseph Chilliams]
Coming out the closet like Ellen Degenres
Is that a hint of innocesnce you smelling
I be tryna make a living of a hobby like sailing
Smoking out the lobby like bbq
Spit nothing but hot shit like riri poo
Oh yeah yeah yeah
Yo momma pussy bald like Jeezy chest hair
Found a corner and slept there
Hustle didn't come easy to me
But i’m murderous with neon flows
And my dick bigger than celine dion nose
Using people like the kings of leon
At the bed bath and beyond
Emceeing battle rapping bath tubs
Scrubbing my back with bubble rap
I’m so fresh you can add suds nigga
Our future looking luminescent
Yo' chick gon' dance to this tomorrow in the club, nigga

[Outro: Sway $waLa]
Rap visions rippin' mics like virginities—c'mon, nigga
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