A long time ago they were building this land
All that is left is just ruins and sand
But now we are here, stronger than ever
To pick up the heritage from our past

Like thunder and lightning from gathering clouds
We're striking your heart like an arrow
We're troops on the rise in this world of deception
Deadly and proud we are carrying our flag

We're standing tall, all for one, one for all
Let the sound of steel be heard

We're aware of our mission, we're spreading the call
It's time for the mankind to see
Let the power embrace you and you'll never fall
Receive it and set yourself free
Just receive it and set yourself free

Blow the dust of the old swords and join us today
Hail to the ancient that showed us the way
Now it is time for the truth to be told
Reveal all the secrets from legends of old

[Bridge (sung by background vocalists)]

Battle cries they echo in the night
As we march towards our victory
The worlds will be crumbling
The walls will be tumbling
'Cause we are the ones, we proclaim back our land

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Hail To The Ancient Lyrics

Phoenix Rizing – Hail To The Ancient Lyrics