I've been on a journey to the dungeons of souls
To the place where the spirits await
And all the stories of bright light and peace
Are just tales to secure us from fear
The walls in the cave they were whispering their sorrow
Shadows of spirits cried without sound
"Please set us free, give us redemption"
But they have to wait till the final bell rings (rings, rings, rings, rings)

So the image of heaven might be misleading
Don't trust in the words 'cause I've been there and back


They are souls on a voyage
Roaming endlessly
Spirits on an eternal crusade
Whispering shadows with grief in their voices
My picture of paradise's beginning to fade

I entered a tunnel and the light was so pale
The brightness had turned into grey
I've heard all the stories 'bout choir of angels
But there was nothing but silence
I came to a place like a cave in a mountain
And misery hit me like rain
I couldn't see no way out of this prison
A restroom for souls and judgement day calls

[Bridge x2]

One thing I know, death isn't final
We're travelling somewhere when our flame's going out
And when it's my time to buy me a ticket
I'd rather not make it, the last flight to god
I've been there before, there is no glory
Just a condition of empty despair

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Souls On A Voyage Lyrics

Phoenix Rizing – Souls On A Voyage Lyrics