Once upon a time before time had begun
After the angels but before mankind
Creatures condemned to dwell in the void
Walk the spaces between our worlds

Three wishes granted for the ones who awake him
The unholy legions will be spread upon the earth
Charging the stone by gathering human souls
Opens the gate between our worlds

What would you do to make your curses come true
Would you trade your soul away
Challenge a creature that's older than time
The eternal never die

Awake the spirit within the stone of fire
I am the one to fulfil your desire
To lift your life up a level higher
Ignite the spark of your funeral pyre

Faith became tales throughout the centuries
Creating fiction, avoiding our fear
Rocking our children to sleep in the night
To stories of magical lamps


The light gave birth to angels
The earth gave birth to man
The fire gave birth to the jinn spread throughout the land
The stone of secret fire
Made by the sorcerer
To save his people from the jinn, the evil sleeps within
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Awake The Spirit Within Lyrics

Phoenix Rizing – Awake The Spirit Within Lyrics