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Snitching Ass Stacy Lyrics

Philthy Rich – Snitching Ass Stacy Lyrics

Man who the fuck this is callin'? Hello?
Ayy bro, what's up, what's up Philth, this Fame man, you got a minute man?
What's happenin'?
Damn bro, you know I was callin' all, you know all the real niggas from the hood, bro you feel me 'cause... I had somethin' to get off my chest, you feel me, get some sucker shit, you feel me, uh...
Did what?
You gotta understand, you feel me, hit the glass of water, pointed a few niggas out. Bruh I just, you feel me, I just want to give you the option, bruh you feel me, I ain't take the cigarette
Man what the fuck you talkin' 'bout my nigga?
They offered a nigga some chips and hella shit I, I ain't... you feel me? I told 'em no, but I told on them niggas so I was just callin' to tell you
Call and tell me what?
What's goin' on with your nigga, bruh? you feel me?
Oh nah, I don't fuck with no snitches
I'm tryna buzz you in so you can be on your toes 'cause I fucked up, you feel me, so... I mean, let me know if you fuckin' with a nigga or not bro

[Verse 1]
Look, the song was out for three months before you said something
See any nigga play with me, you know that lead comin'
Matter fact I sent it to you when I recorded it
So why you ain't been pull up on Sem, it wasn't important then
I don't need the paperwork, you told me out your mouth
How you took the stand on 'em, how you pointed 'em out
How you drunk the glass of water, tryna clear your mouth
Ain't got shit to talk about, ain't tryna hear you out
Back and forth on IG, got your followers up
'Cause you was following more niggas than was following you
FOD ENT, don't want problems with us
And any nigga ridin' with you, please line 'em all up
It's Philthy

Philthy, what's up bruh?
Ayy bruh why you keep calling my phone?
I already told you I ain't fuckin' with you nigga
I'm really tryna get you on this song bruh, for this compilation I got goin' on
Nigga I ain't got no song
It seem like you fell back off your niggas since I told you I... jumped up there and got to pointing and shit, you feel me, so
No I don't fuck with no snitches nigga
Hit me back, the compilation still going
Fuck your compilation nigga
I need you bruh, tap in bruh, you feel me
I bet you do
'Cause it's niggas who still fuck with me 'cause so many niggas got love for me
Nigga the hood don't fuck with you
I thought you had that type of love for me
Nigga Seminary don't fuck with you
I can't overlook shit nigga
I'm just sayin' bruh, tap in bruh

[Verse 2]
Look, Stacy Harris, bitch you still ain't post that paperwork
Hundred round draco show you how that cater work
Rolling Hills where your mama at, you can lay beside here
Foothill where you find me at, ain't no nigga hidin'
Been pullin' your ho card, see this ain't nothin' new
Nigga came home broke, ain't pulled up in nothin' new
He all in my DM's, he tryna squash the beef
Golden Magazine, you was dissin' Keek
[?] Messy Mark DVD, you and William Bree
This nigga he a rat, he don't deserve to breathe
I guess this nigga high, he must've snort a key
He pickin' at a scab, that bitch is gonna bleed, it's Philthy

Yeah man, sittin' back on this motherfucker's Instagram, look at this nigga's page right quick man
Oh this nigga done bought another chain, okay, alright
Nigga ballin' and- listen man
Guess what I'm finna do, niggas want to play
I'm finna get on Instagram and make a post since niggas wanna play with Dame Fame
'Cause I don't play, you feel me?
Nigga didn't give me a chain but he got thirteen of 'em on right now but- he-
'Cause I did some shit that I really didn't do but I did, due to the circumstances, but, you know what bruh?
Fuck this nigga bruh, feel me, 'cause niggas know this FOD, no ENT
And I started this shit, you feel me
He ain't even promoting, I mean he is, but... it's a long story, but
FOD no ENT, man you know what it is
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