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Sem God Lyrics

Philthy Rich – Sem God Lyrics

It's Philthy, nigga
Free JBay
Free Vezzo
Sem God
Just know whatever I say I stand on
(Funk Or Die)

Rollie on me I don't keep the play
Now I don't want it you can keep the change
Funny how some people change
But my money up so I cannot complain
My bitch just hit for another twenty
So I went and copped her a phony one
A nigga rockin that thirty-six
No bitch that ain't a fourty-one
Free Vezz I been on meds
Dealing with stress like every day
Sip a pint like every day
Eighteen months on a fed case
These diamonds on me ain't never fake
A nigga touch one I'll up the murder rate
Send a nigga to the pearly gates
For tryna take this rollie with the pearly face
My ex-bitch is all in her feelings
Cuz my new bitch really make a killing
She try to tell a nigga pick and choose
A told the bitch she must have blew a fuse
What I say I stand on I was in the trap till the grams gone
Can't get 'em back my mans gone
Rest in piece both of my grams gone
Got the roll set in the yellow gold
Yeah and then got the white suit
With an asian bitch eatin' thai food
Nigga I feel like I got the right suit
Niggas hated on me and I know they mad
Fuck them niggas they ain't got a bag
They say be humble nigga I'ma brag
Ccause I come from nothing, I was on my ass
The foreigns still got the paper plate
Trying to duck all the paper trace
That's a date to chess that's a date to date
Aftermarket band then he change the face
I spent the whole week in the D
With baby face and GT
There's all my niggas peace
Salute the real niggas on the east
I'm just a real nigga from the east
You was never really in the streets
You was never really into beef
Push start I don't need a key
I got love for the bang gang
Pay will on the in MI's
Bugs and shreck ain't mo
I couldn't wait till mum came home
Got thug love up in LA
I love to see my niggas having things
Hit [?] and bought 'em all chains
Spent a hundred thou that's small change
I remember my first show
Everybody was a no show
I remember my first hoe
She changed my life in a month though
The biggest day for my neighborhood
You ain't never in the neighborhood
Ain't this shit for the neighborhood
I've been giving back to the neighborhood
Just making sure that my neighbors good
Floor seats towards play the woods
I could trip Curry, I'm sitting on the wood
Hop in the Wraith and then blow a wood
It's Philthy
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