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Mobwire Lyrics

Philthy Rich – Mobwire Lyrics

[Verse 1: The Jacka]
We on the radio nigga
Your girl wanna blow me now
Getting more head than a 30 on a 40 cal
Turn the radio down I'm tryna hear if this tree is loud
It's crazy that your bitch said we fly, cause we breathing clouds
Got an eighth on me now tell the bitch bring a liter home
(?) it ain't cool but when I leave I put my heater on
Gotta be a nerd ass nigga ain't heard of me before
True Religion, (?) and Stalin they my amigos too
I ain't let a bird out the cage, I let my eagle go
Coke on me, we leaning, but I don't need it though
Your girlfriend dropped 6 bands, but i don't need you hoe
Broke her when I met her when I let her go she leaving broke
Knock you squares off with this ladder you think we a joke
I'm from California my nigga I never seen it snow
'Cept for in my kitchen my nigga and we was weighin' blow
Mobwire, my nigga, only God flyer
Tryna keep warm by the fire in my fly attire
Never wanna rap on a beat 'less it's a (crier)?
Feds wanna run through my spot, give me another prior
Mane I'm turnt up with the Glock, you scared join the choir

[Verse 2: Philthy Rich]
S'Philthy, look, look
I say these broke niggas mad I got they rent in my pocket
I went from being a used to be to the number one topic
The mob of the wire, the wire of the mob
The hottest in the bay you other niggas get your jobs
I can't explain the feeling when I copped my first foreign
Got shooters that'll get it done for a fit and some Jordans
They say all I rap about is money, well bitch that's what I'm having
I was real before rap on 580 with the package
I salute any real nigga that really touching cash
I really came from the bottom I was working with my last
Now I'm working with a whole thang I never stopped at half
In every city I touch down I always rep the ave
Only wish I ever had was to touch 36 ounces
But I made it happen and it ain't come from rapping
Unless you talking Saran, trafficking in vacuum sealed
If you talking more than 40 we can talk about it (?)
They say leave the streets alone and I can get a deal
Tryna sell this white girl like stress so I can get a meal
Mobwire nigga

[Verse 3: J. Stalin]
Part of the five families we come to the round table
I'm my brother keeper; no Kane and Abel
You see the purple label, you see the foreign whips
That's that Mobwire, Cypress Village, Bay shit
I was in the Matrix whip it try to get a brick
Go run and chase the money fuck a bitch
Niggas snitching they tell them we the hottest on
Smoking on purp watching the world through my kaleidoscope
Pushing rhymes like dope and it paid off
Now we playing with stacks like Bernie Madoff
It's a celebration niggas; Mazel Tov
Livewire boss, I know these niggas hating
Shoutout my momma rest in peace my dadda your son made it
Everyday my birthday, no happy belated
Bitch I'm an Oakland Raider, bitch I'm an Oakland Raider
Bounce out with your ass we the desintigrator
So much paper, we got paper cuts
Ya them other niggas cool, but they ain't us
Fuck around get your whole head tapered up
CEO shit, Tony Draper papered up

[Verse 4: Rydah J. Klyde]
Respect amongst man is what we demand of eachother
AR with the double drum for my band of brothers
Magazines asking questions about my track (?)
I think he was on people tryna wrap me up but I see you
You ain't heard that I'm the crack that you gave me as one of them babies
I'm so dope I can sell myself I'm way too mainey ya this shit paid me
You got rap cause the crack I sold was killing my kind
And so my other brother (?) tried doing that time
But his minds (?) so all them rookies talk about cookies
Just imposters can't be mobsters I feel like Tony around all these (?)
I never ask them why all these squares tryna call me Rock
I know the reason why Gotti went (?)
Gangsta gangsta (?) with the banger
Huey P and Lew real recognize real and nigga you a stranger
I'm a real rider and this mobwire
Bitch you'll fight and you'll hide
Nigga I ain't got no friends you either family or you gone buy
Customer and I come for ya if you stab me in my back
Niggas will catch you with ya kids
We don't be killing niggas on wax
These obituaries is facts (?) extended in these tracks
So don't try me with all these questions your best bet is just to ease back, nigga
Word to Sean my ratchets still go off I promise
Word to (?) who tried to show you niggas where the (?) is
We talking power when the illest niggas merge
Mob Figaz, Livewire power surge in the song
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