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Funk Or Die Lyrics

Philthy Rich – Funk Or Die Lyrics

Ok Ok, it's the mother fucking kid, going in on this one, fuck it, tiered of all you bitch ass niggas man, street shit rap shit whatever you wanna call it, Philthy, I hold it down for this East Oakland street shit nigga, you know me nigga Sem City, funk or die nigga, Free Mone, Free Mane, Free Dame, Free Wayne, Free Derwin nigga, ok ok look

[1st Verse]
If it's a problem the kid gon solve it
Hit him with the revolver so the can't solve it
I'm so mob I be waiting on you to rob me
Keep my ice on so you know how to spot me
I bounce out on a nigga like stick'em up
Since Dre left nigga I don't give a fuck
They tell me calm down stick to this rap shit
But fuck these bitch ass niggas and this rap shit
See I'm a real nigga straight from Sem City boy
Ever feel disrespected, go and get the Semi boy
And I can't stop, I move like a Mob boss
10 minutes later now his whole block taped off
And I ain't squashing shit, I'm tripping for life
So all you bitch ass niggas know it's on sight
See It's the kid and I don't give a fuck about a nigga
I'll grab the AR and shoot the shit up outta nigga (Philthy)

Funk or Die, yea ok ok philthy fuck you rap niggas, trap niggas, whatever you wanna call yourself, Philthy, Dolla what up nigga, check my resume, hey, Philthy

[2nd Verse]
This rap shit crazy, a lot of niggas hate me
But I don't give a fuck, cause' now you niggas pay me
I got my own cash
I get my own ass
I got my own whips
Get off my dick
I stick to the G code, you other niggas ho's
This real street shit, and you other niggas know
Fuck you other niggas talk behind a nigga back
I hit his ass with that Mack and blow up out his back
All you niggas get on T.V. and holla Town business
Where the fuck you at cause' I don't never see you niggas
I'm in the trap all day posting with the K
My young niggas on the block, posting with the yay
5 year felony with a stay away
But I don't listen to shit, I don't stay away
I gotta get the money, all you niggas funny
Funk or Die bitch, and all my niggas gunning (Philthy)

Were I'm from nigga we (Funk Or Die) Funk Or Die nigga, Trell what up nigga, Fiend what up, tell these niggas to get off a rich nigga dick, Free Tae Tae, free Bot, Philthy

[3rd Verse]
The hottest nigga in East Oakland by far
And I ain't never gave a fuck what you niggas thought
You fucking rap niggas, don't make me clap niggas
You know I like to talk shit up on these trash niggas
But I keep it real, and that's a different rich
Get your money up, I'm all about the dividends
It's young Philthy Rich, Funk or Die tatted
A nigga play leave him sick like a diabetic
I'm from the Sem -i-n-a-r-y
You fuck with one of my niggas then you know we all ride
Top to the block, Sem City's finest
If you looking for me boy I'm on Seminary grinding
I'm good in the hood, 24's on a body
Young nigga in the hood just caught his first body
Ey get off a rich nigga dick. Why?
Cause' that's bitch nigga shit (Philthy)
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