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Bill Cosby Lyrics

Philthy Rich – Bill Cosby Lyrics

It's Philthy, nigga
Fake love
Inmate number NN7687
Free Bill Cosby, nigga

Might give a bitch a drink but I won't drop a pill (Uh-uh)
Drop a deuce in the cream when I pop a seal (Syrup)
Three to ten years in the state prison (Is that right?)
Probably get a job in the state kitchen (It's Philthy)
Accused of raping sixty bitches (Sixty of 'em)
My heart skipped a beat when I heard his sentence (Swear to God)
Worth over 400 million (Add it up)
Household name to 400 million children (It's Philthy)
Married to his wife for over 50 years (Solid)
I know Camille dropped over fifty tears (I know she did)
That was America's number one dad (He is)
They'll try to make a good nigga look bad (It's Philthy)
All this fake love, I can't tell what's real (Uh-uh)
First they love you, then they hate you, I know how it feel (I know how it feel)
On house arrest and bail for a million dollars (Chump change)
Bill Cosby sweater, Gucci on the collar (Designer)
I grew up off The Huxtables and Fat Albert (I swear to God)
Who would've thought that he was druggin' bitches with powder? (Who would've thought?)
Rudy Huxtable grown, man, the time flies (Flies)
When I was a kid, she used to be up in my top five (It's Philthy)
Me and lil' Phil watchin' Little Bill (Oh, I remember)
He couldn't comprehend then, but one day he will (I know he will)
Inducted in the hall of fame (He was)
And then they turn around and throw shit on his name (It's Philthy)
Yeah, they tried to do me the same (They did)
If you don't come from where I come from, you don't feel this pain (Couldn't imagine)
Lawsuit for defamation (Is that right?)
Sexual assault and other allegations (It's Philthy)
Worth a few mil', I feel like I'm Bill (I do)
I could buy NBC, but that might get me killed (It will)
Philadelphia his birthplace (Salute)
But he got acquitted in the first case, it's Philthy
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