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Love & Hip Hop Lyrics

Philthy Rich – Love & Hip Hop Lyrics

It's Philthy, nigga
Fake love
There's a whole bunch of that shit goin' around
Niggas could keep it, though

Side ho in LA in the condo (Is that right?)
Hundred thou cash on me, I need nine mo' (Ayy, I need that)
Never listen to a broke nigga convo (Never)
VVSs on my neck, no rhinestones (Bust down)
Four pockets full like I'm from Atlanta (4-P-F)
Shittin on these appers, I ain't got no manners (Uh-uh, nigga)
I ain't in the club if I ain't got no hammer (I keep it on)
Whole squad savage, rest in peace Santana (Ayy rest in peace)
Still throwin Tech up in the two liter (Syrup)
Packs of gelato, nigga, who need it? (Kill zone)
That bitch skinny dippin' cause the pool heated (Bitch)
They passin' out pistols to the school teachers (It's Phil!)
They think I got a sponsor, I'm in all this Gucci (Design)
Young fly nigga like I'm son of Lucci (Why's that?)
Bad asian bitch lookin' like Hiruchi(Bitch)
Nobu in Malibu, order me the sushi (Eat it up)
I used to fuck that bitch on the air mattress (Swear to God)
My brother just called for a care package (Free Jay Pay)
Homicide, tryna use a scare tactic (Is that right?)
I keep a tuck spot if they dare jack us (It's Phil!)
Lies in your raps, I gave them the truth (I gave them the truth)
A hundred pair of Rays, I gave 'em to the youth (I gave 'em to the youth)
I only wore 'em once so they was barely used (I swear to God)
No I ain't make the paper, I ain't make the news (It's Philthy, nigga)
Niggas locked up, doin' all day (Solid)
"Will you accept the charges?" what the call say (Hello?)
A bitch down at the garden on Broadway (Stomp down)
And the bitch at Mitchell Brothers named Shorty (It's Phil!)
Fashionova all on my Portland bitch (Is that right?)
She like when I record her while she suckin' dick (She like that shit)
Make sure you count the money 'fore you turn a trick (Ayy, do that!)
And you can get some money with my other bitch (Trill)
Miss Nicki baby lookin' thick as fuck (She know she is)
Yeah, I be in her DMs 'cause I'm tryna fuck (You know I am)
I heard she was a hustler, we could run it up (Run it up)
And turn my main bitch into a runner up (Bitch, you a runner up)
Love & Hip-Hop on the big screen (On the big screen)
Bitch, this a eighty-inch, it cost me ten Gs (It cost me ten Gs)
Pull up on Sem and get you ten kis (And get you ten kis)
Royalty salon, come get a quick weave
It's Philthy
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