Oh, oh, oh
Hands up, hands up, hands up!
Right, right, I'm home, niggas
I crashed in!
You motherfuckers know who the man is, UH!

Now tell them to keep the motherfucker lights on
Me doing this is' fucking with my song
A nigga wanted a blow shit,
I'm bitter, I'm sounding nice, son
The piece that I write and the night on
My free time, ain't got a lot, you better know
Oh yeah, this nigga need rhyme, bet he shine,
When the time is right, gonna shine that light till she blind!
She in love, ain't no scrub, and the 2K13
But shit bet it's live, ain't no game!
And oh no, ain't no myth for violence
I got another problem on my mind, take a piece of my molly
Gotta keep reminding these niggas I got the key to silence
With the key... but fuck it when he bought
Less' he pauses hard out nigga, yeah!
Mouth to the A, to get away, I rap, nigga!
Call from below where I'm from, raising the slums'
I gotta get till I'm done'
Ain't got no minutes for you dumb hoes,
I guess my phone is disconnected
Call is a bitch and I'm used to being rejected
And for you ' promoting ass niggas, fuck you in your silence!
Show me right where the jack is, I'm reckless!
You motherfuckers know who next is,
You motherfuckers know your bitch is on my checklist
What a models do when I got a list of imperfections?
I think I gone crazy
Stuck in a maze and I came amazing
Sitting on buses and waiting
From busting and waiting
To get my weight off my made off
And getting make up done for the cameras!
Never try to be a'
My beauty pen fly with ax' and more stamina
Grew up with some wolves, equipped and raised in Amazon
'I plan to rate these amateurs
Fuck these nigga!
I never claim to bust these triggers
But I got a body of figures of speech
An army to figure out
You're gone in a different realm
They can't catch me!
And I'mma keep shining through the storm, nigga
I ain't playing when I rhyme on these songs, nigga
I said I gotta keep writing these wrongs, but OK!
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Shine Lyrics

Perrion – Shine Lyrics