Like all that's on my mind
Like the
Like all that's on my mind
Like the

Check it, had blessings since my adolescence
Used to have to go to confession back when I was asking questions
In Catholic school, now I'm searching for the root of evil
How did this happen, imprisoned by my active living
Raising the hood and being captivated by the way niggas who dealt with drug traffic made it seem
They was living at the top, living at the time crime paid for most
When slums raised the toast and bullets pierced through the window of my parents' room
They must have an angel, how they escaped apparent doom
Wasn't even too late for them to check with the '
Conflicts with grips and blood, gripping slugs, listen
Love, the only intentions I had from the start
And thank the Lord they didn't feel like they had to embark
Went from battles in parks to dreams of '
Living in poverty made it clear I had to remark
I was like just reminiscing on the days and shit
I know that back in the day being an essential
Mean that me and my nigga see that we'd cut glass
Go kick it with Pri and Sinatra
Start free styling, fucking with the bitches and shit
Just lil' bad ass niggas not giving a fuck
But yo, I grew up in a hip hop marriage ' Wu Tang blasting in a whip all condo
Pops was a hustler, moms will never found out
Condo out in Kansas City for the hideout
Back into the hood where a nigga was raised, pick a date
My niggas is finna take your fucking mind out
Brains on the pavement, never on that fake shit
Grew up a good kid, started skating, switch clayed in
I pocket if I ever had to deal with the hating niggas
Never wanna earn they own shit, they rather take it
Move to the Aden, shit wasn't great when the fam lost everything
But now I'm 'bout to make it
All rapping, rapping back in Manhattan, now in Paris, California
Crowd surfing, fans clapping
'Cause they feel a nigga pain and they fuck with me
Now all these shorty wanna call me like a buck fifty
It's crazy, I could just reflect on my life in two sixteens and shit
It's crazy how the times fly, too
Feel like yesterday, shit, we only moving forward, my nigga
You heard
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Memories Lyrics

Perrion – Memories Lyrics